Administrative commissioner

The main duties and responsibilities
1、Audit organization to carry out all kinds of projects, including the final design of all kinds of project auditing, financial information, business, major economic issues audit, etc ;
2、Organize at the corresponding level to the company and molecular company of all kinds of special audit, including executives and key positions of responsibility audit tenure, outgoing audit, major accident responsibility auditing and accountability;
3、To analyze all kinds of problems found during the audit, and make an objective evaluation, put forward the improvement opinion;
4、Internal control aspects of the professional advice for the company, optimize the internal control system;
Job specification
1、Finance, auditing, or related professional, full-time bachelor degree or above, 211, 985 colleges and universities is preferred;
2、Audit services, financial, or large enterprise groups, more than 5 years work experience, including 3 years working experience in auditing or internal audit and process。

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