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  HK YITAI PLASTIC PRODUCT COMPANY(DONGGUAN XIANGYAO PACKAGING PRODCTS CO., LTD.) is specialized in the production of vacuum blister (anti-static, conductive role) folding box, tray, and mask such as PVC, PET, PETG, PS, GAG and PP packaging products. Company is based on the good situation of domestic economic development, make enterprise long-term development goals and business purposes. We established the manufacturing base in Dongguan city Guangdong Province in mainland. Strictly implement ISO9001:2008 version quality work, and with high quality, low price renown in the industry, products are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, toys, food, daily necessities, medicine, health care products, hardware, cosmetics and other industries, deeply the general customers the

high praise, and establish a long-term cooperative partnership.
  Company's existing plant area of more than 4500 square meters, It has 10 sets of automatic vacuum molding machine, 12 units of imported hydraulic punching machine, 8 units of automatic folding machine, 3 sets of folding box and pods equipment, 2 units of professional playing board machine, 2 units of edge material baling press, and has a professional design team, production CNC machining center, aluminum mold, resin mold, copper, gypsum mold, high frequency mould, electric block mould, cutting mold, etc; We have about 80 employees, three delivery trucks. The company production capacity is more than 80 million RMB. Along with the customers continued support, including all departments and high-speed operation, expanding production capacity. The company with solid strength can be designed with the latest and the most pure, the fastest speed to produce customer satisfaction products.
  In order to adapt to market development, the company constantly absorbing all aspects of professional and technical personnel to improve the overall quality of enterprises, improve the internal management and develop a broader market. To sum up the experiences of more than a decade of development and innovation in the process of reform and development in innovation, form a good efficient comprehensive management structure to adapt to the market, the enterprise has always been to high-quality, efficient and reasonable price for the purpose of the service, expand the market at the same time, also won the domestic and foreign customers trust and support. Development up to now, management has a complete organizational structure, carry out post responsibility system, strengthening internal management, improve the production system, reduce the production cost, and implementation of enterprise management system in the computer. At present, the company has developed, with the continued support of customers, the business is thriving with each passing day, the company has now become the one of the largest enterprises.
  In the increasingly competitive market in the new century, the company is in line with “good faith” business philosophy. We’d dedication to each customer to provide better service, better products, and more reasonable price. Let us out of the hand of friendship into a new era! Hand in hand to create brilliant, into the future!

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